Frequenty asked questions for buyers and sellers are listed below.  Click on your question to expose the answer.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

Each booth space costs $50.  If you are planning to drive a trailer into the garage, you will need to buy a trailer permit (two booth spaces) for $100.

Where Do I Go on the Morning of the Sale?

Sellers will line up in the eastbound lane of Lake Robbins Drive backing up from Six Pines Drive to Grogan's Mill Road. To enter the lineup take Grogan's Mill Road to Lake Robbins Drive. Turn into Lake Robbins Drive toward the Pavilion and Six Pines Drive. Overflow will be directed into the library parking lot and other spaces.

Where Do I Park as a Seller?

For safety reasons and traffic control, Sellers are allowed to park only ONE vehicle in each purchased booth space. Such vehicles are required to display the "SELLER" purchased pass. No other parking will be permitted in the selling area. (If you are selling a car that car will be your "SELLER" pass vehicle.) Parking for additional vehicles, which display the "UNLOADING" pass, will be available on the roof of the Pavilion garage. Vehicles parked on the roof will not be permitted to move until the selling hours are over. If a vehicle is needed elsewhere before the Flea Market closes, after unloading drive to the garage exit on Six Pines Drive.

What are the Hours for Sellers?

Sellers' vehicles will be admitted to the lot beginning at approximately 5:00 a.m. through 6:30 a.m. All vehicles must enter together and only one time. Buyers will not be allowed in until 7:00 a.m. or when deemed safe to begin by the officials. FOR SAFETY AND GOOD TRAFFIC CONTROL NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE SALE BETWEEN 6:45 A.M. AND 10:15 A.M. If you have sold out early, you will have to wait and leave at the end of the sale after buyers have cleared the area. The Flea Market will close at 10:30 to ensure everything is cleaned up and out by 11:30. At 10:15 we will begin exiting starting with the top floor and moving down through the garage as the upper floors empty. Listen and watch for directions so safety can 
be maintained. 

Where will my Seller's booth be located?

Sellers' spaces will be assigned by the area managers as Sellers enter the garage. There are no spaces reserved in advance. Your location may be anywhere. A Seller's sale area will be defined as a booth space and will consist of approximately two adjacent parking spaces. Sellers desiring more space are required to purchase additional booth space permits in advance.

I Want to Sell next to Someone

Sellers wishing to have adjacent booth spaces or selling together must enter the Flea Market garage together. 

Vehicle and Trailer Limits

  • Vehicles and trailers must be no higher than 7-feet.
  • Trailer beds are limited to no longer than 12-feet.
Please measure the height of your truck, van, SUV, and other vehicles to be sure of meeting this limit. Any vehicle exceeding this limit will not be admitted into the Flea Market. There will be no refund. There will be no uncovered spaces for tall vehicles exceeding the height limit. If your load exceeds this limit, you will need to unload or rearrange to meet the limit before entering the garage.

Donations at the End of the Sale

A designated charity will receive donations of unwanted goods. The charity trucks will arrive at approximately 9 a.m. and remain until 12 p.m. Please consider donating to these organizations instead of throwing away unwanted items. The charity trucks and the trash dumpsters will be located in the Gold parking lot north of the garage. Follow directions of the Traffic Monitors to the charity trucks and dumpsters. **Please have donated items in either trash 
bags or boxes.**

Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost?

The Flea Market is always free for buyers.

Where can Buyers Park?

Buyers should find parking in Town Center and then walk to the Flea Market location.  Buyers will not be allowed to park in the garage where the sale is taking place.  Please see this map for locations for buyer's parking.

What are the Buyer Hours?

The Flea Market opens at 7am or when deemed safe to begin by officials.  The Flea Market closes at 10:30am.

Amenities and Concessions

Portable toilets will be located outside of the garage. There are no concessionaires at the Flea Market.

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